Friday, December 21, 2007

DESCRIPTION: Litter is Dual AKC and NAVHDA Registered for the hunter of upland birds and waterfowl. Long hunting lines have produced proven natural point, track and retrievers which aim to please. Pedigree includes Italy's Chisola, Piemonte, Braunsfeld, Thunderhill and others. The pedigree is awesome (dual AKC/NAVHDA) and shows the long line of successful testing (Natural Ability, Utility and more) - check out pedigree. These dogs last in the field and enjoy water work. They are handsome, athletic and a true family dog. I have great references. Stash (dam) is NAVHDA registered and scored perfect on her Natural Ability test at 7.5 months old. Fuzzy (sire) is AKC Champion, very impressive with great hunting lines. There are 7 males & 4 females born on Dec. 5. There are 4 livers like dam and 7 white/liver/ticked like sire.
CONTACT: Bruce Jabaay

PHONE: 616-443-6718

ADDRESS: 8925 24th Ave, Jenison, MI 49428 COST $500

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